The Hiatus Ends

14 Dec

After a nearly 13 month hiatus from international travel, this Saturday my passport gets another stamp. Dominican Republic here I come!

So it’s not just my travel that’s been on a break, but this blog. The Asia trip was amazing and I really enjoyed sharing my experiences, but I kind of dropped the ball for a while. It’s hard to believe that I left on that trip two years ago this month. I’m sure many of you never saw this in the first place, since I made virtually no effort to promote it, so go catch up! Seriously, go ahead, I’ll wait.

Okay, welcome back. So what’ve I been up to since then? Well, not too much. I got a job. Went to Austin. Started taking Krav Maga. Went to Barbados. Became an uncle. Went to San Francisco. Posted lots of photos.

Now that I’m finally taking another trip, I’ve got the bug again–the writing bug, that is. But it’s going to be different this time.* And I don’t just mean I’ll stay with it (because I do actually have a job that keeps me in one place most of the time), but the posts may be a little different than before. I’m going to keep them bite sized, more like a snack, rather than the four course meal you were gorging on before. My earlier soup-to-nuts approach to covering the full experience of each country in a single post was super detailed, but it was not only a lot to chew at once for you, but very time-consuming and ultimately impractical and unsustainable for me.

You still with me? Good, here’s your reward — isn’t my nephew adorable?

Okay, I better get back to it. I’ve got some traveling to do.

*not intended to be a factual statement

One Response to “The Hiatus Ends”

  1. Mrs. Alfreds December 21, 2011 at 1:28 am #

    Love it! Looking forward to hearing about DR, never been . And your nephew IS adorable!! xoxo!!

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